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Finally an autopilot way to upload videos on YouTube…

Stop Wasting Time And Upload On 100% AutoPilot!


Fastest YouTube Uploader & Downloader:



Multiple account support, mass upload videos on YouTube


Mass download existing videos from YouTube


Edit videos and make them 100% unique before uploading


Do mass actions on your videos (unlist, list, changet thumbnail, disable comments)


Watermark your videos before uploading, with 1 click

Mass Video Blaster Can Do Hours Worth Of Work…

Literally in MINUTES!

What used to take 3-4 hours creating and submitting videos now takes minutes…that’s right,MINUTES!

Mass Video Blaster lets you upload videos from YouTube, whether it’s about the hottest video game to hit the market, some sweet a** music video, a great new software product review, the newest diet or weight loss product on the market, latest movie trailers , or any video that you can think of, dosen’t matter.

You can mass download videos, watermark them with your website, and re-upload all of them within a matter of minutes… Just do a search on YouTube using the free bonus Mass Video Downloader and it will help you download copyright free videos so you can upload them with Mass Video Blaster Pro!

Watch Our Quick Product Tour To See It In Action

Here Is What You Can Do With Mass Video Blaster Pro:


Upload the same video multiple times, avoiding YT duplicate filter


Download copyright free videos and upload them on your account


Mass add videos to Mass Video Blaster Pro from your local PC


Schedule uploads across time, so you maximize your videos exposure


100% Web Browser automated uploading, watch the progress live in the browser


Add multiple accounts at a time, and assign them to unique campaigns


Take a look at some screenshots to get a feel on how MVB Pro works…


Mass Video Blaster Pro was created by marketers for marketers! We know how hard it is to learn a new software and that’s why we made this one EASY TO USE. Every option is on the screen, and you can start uploading videos without any hassle.

Mass Video Blaster is designed to work with any type of video marketing campaign!

If you are using a fine tuned campaign where you are aiming to get more views to a single video, Mass Video Blaster will do all the hard work for you. MVB will create the link wheel of videos that point to your target video and bring highly targeted subscriber to your account.
And here comes the best part… you won’t need to send any friend request or subscribe to any channel.
You will let the subscribers come to you, by downloading and uploading the top videos in your niche to your accounts.

For those who think that more is better, Mass Video Blaster will be like a dream came true. This tool is designed to work in mass mode. You will be able to scrape and download any video you want from YouTube, edit all of them, change the titles descriptions and tags with ease using our revolutionary Tag System and upload all the videos with the press of one button.

Satisfied Clients

Videos Uploaded

Downloaded Videos

Views gathered

Mass Video Blaster Pro Is The Best Mass YouTube Downloader & Uploader

Just take a look at what thousands of satisfied clients are saying

BlackHit - BHW Moderator

Finally it is here…
The much anticipated Mass Video Blaster Pro (MVBPro) is the newest addition to the catalog of the 2 YouTube wizards from Romania.
When I opened the new Mass Video Blaster Pro for the first time it was obvious that this was not an ordinary upgrade from MVB.The GUI has been improved and the software is fast and smooth…

Exile - BHW user

This is a must have tool for any serious youtube marketer!

I have been into youtube marketing for about 2 years now, and the main
reason is Mass Video Blaster. Vlad and Stoica made The Holy Grail! I
made so much money with that tool, that it was unreal.
So I was very proud to be chosen for beta testing PRO version of this
great tool.

Cheeth - BHW User

Brillant support I must say from Vlad, always on hand to help me address any questions I have. I’ve had about 5 updates to the software in the last 2 weeks alone. Would recommend you buy this now you won’t regret it. Vlad really goes beyond what I’d expect from a software vendor A++++++

Twixx - BHW User

kay, I’m absolutely in love in this software. I’ve never used the previous version, this is the first contact I’ve got with the suit serie.

The way I’m using it isn’t for mass uploading or stuff like that. Basically what I do is that I use it for my CPA ventures, and make completely unique videos that I upload. The reason I like it so much is because it makes it much easier for me to keep track of my videos and views and rankings, and at the same time the uploading process is so much simpler than what it has been before for me.

ScrapeBoxWorker - BHW user

Now this is something else, from what I hear, it’s re-written from scratch. It looks awesome and works with no flaws.
It really is a Pro version of MVB, and for every MVB user, I really recommend upgrading to the Pro version (it’s actually to cheap …)
MVB pro has a better work flow, and A LOT more features (not that MVB didn’t have enough, but now … you simply have everything)

What are you waiting for?

Get Mass Video Blaster PRO right now and start mass downloading and uploading videos!

Don’t forget that Mass Video Blaster Pro can automatically import video details generated using Video Marketing Blaster Pro, and automatically assign them to your videos!


Get it now at an insane price, do not miss out on this great offer!

Mass Video Blaster Pro

Check out the entire feature set of MVB Pro and you will understand why our friends think that we are crazy…

Multiple account support

Mass Import – Import accounts from a text file in various formats

Check accounts [new] – Verify if your accounts are up and running

Refresh accounts [new] – Retrieve the number of channel views/videos from a specific YouTube account

Delete videos [new] – Mass delete all videos from an account, directly on YouTube

Multi threading [new] – All features (check, verify, delete) are multi threading. You can use up to eight threads at a time.

Easy to manage – Double-click on a campaign to assign accounts, double-click on an account to assign a proxy.

Delete suspended accounts – Simple feature that will remove all disabled accounts from your MVB Pro accounts list.

Multi channel support – Enter the same account and specify the channel for the account with ease.

Auto fill backup email, phone or secret question so you can use any account

Proxy Support

Proxy support – Manually assign or randomly assign proxies to selected accounts

Proxy scrapper [new] – Scrape thousands of proxies in seconds from various public proxy lists

Proxy checker [new] – Check to see if the proxies are valid. If the proxies are broken, they won’t be used in MVB Pro

Captcha window – If you want to manually enter the captcha, this option will help you do just that

DeathByCaptcha – Whenever a captcha appears, MVB Pro with the help of DeathByCaptcha service will auto fill the image verification

Proxy error handling – If a proxy is broken you can tell MVB Pro to auto assign another proxy or simply skip that account

Integrated HMA [new] – Simply select the HideMyAss installation folder and before each login, MVB Pro will reconnect HMA to get a new fresh IP

Change IP using PPOE or call a custom .bat file where you can write Windows BAT Code


Views [new] – Trace your views and see how your campaigns progress

Videos [new] – View the number of videos you had in a campaign (or all campaigns)

Deleted accounts [new] – Track the number of disabled accounts per days

Custom time frame [new] – Generate statistics on custom time frames (select a start and end date)

Mass add videos

Mass Import – Import accounts from a text file in various formats

Add from PC – Add video files from your PC and fill in title/description/tags

Mass import – Import videos from a text file using various formats

Mass import from MVD – Use Mass Video Downloader (bonus) to download files and then import them to Mass Video Blaster PRO

Export videos – Use custom formats while exporting, export what you want (title, link, original author, file, etc….)

Duplicate videos [new] – You can now duplicate a video multiple times with a single click, and upload the same file multiple times

Move videos to other campaigns – If you think that the video does not fit your current campaign, simply move it to another one with this easy feature

On screen info – Always see how many videos you have in your list, and how many videos are ready for upload

Duplicate campaign [new] – Duplicate the entire campaign and upload it again to YouTube

Spin syntax – MVB Pro fully supports spyntax and nested spyntax like {Hello|Hi {Vlad|Alex}}

Add existing videos – Already have an account with videos? Use mass video downloader to download your videos

Upload videos

Auto assign accounts [new] – Before uploading you can easily assign the accounts so you will know how the videos will be uploaded

Manually assign accounts – Right click on a video to assign manually an account to it

Multiple actions – Do multiple actions at a time (like, unlist, disable comments, add annotation, add captions)

Continuous loop – If you have multiple campaigns, when MVB Pro finishes uploading one campaign, it will automatically move on to the next

Schedule [new] – You can now schedule videos or campaigns. You can tell MVB Pro to pick random dates when to upload/list/disable comments/add annotations/add captions.

More actions [new] – This is the list of actions that can be done in MVB Pro: check videos, assign accounts, upload videos, list, unlist, disable comments, disable ratings, add annotations, generate and add captions, change thumbnail, add 301 Views instantly.

Change thumbnail [new] – After the video is processed on YouTube MVB Pro can now change the thumbnail for a video

Tags – Use tags so you know you have unique video details. Tags like #D#, #T#, #A#, #K# will be replaced with the original video details (of the downloaded video).

Random numbers – Append random numbers with the unique random tags #R1#,#R5# so you obtain original titles/description/tags Use tag combinations like #T# #R4#

Built In Video Editor

Audio Editor

Change audio of video before uploading

Change audio from folder – You can change the audio of the video by picking a random audio file from a local directory

Change audio with description [new] – MVB Pro can turn your text description to audio and add it to the video

Watermark Videos

You can use an image watermark or auto generate a watermark from text

Watermark options – You can specify the final size of the watermark and also the position

Colors – Change the text/background color of the watermark

Cut time from video before uploading

Select the quality of uploaded videos

Cut from the start [new] – MVB Pro can cut random seconds from the start of the video

Cut from the end [new] – MVB Pro can cut random seconds from the end of the video

Append intro [new] – You can specify an intro video and MVB pro will append that video to your video file before uploading to YouTube

Live preview [new] – Whenever you do a change in the video editor settings, you have a quick preview button to see how the final video file will look

Make video unique to YouTube (md5 hash tag) by re-encoding (better than simple md5 methods)

Tons of other features

Multiple campaigns – Split your accounts, proxies and videos in different campaigns

Detachable log [new] – Whenever a warning or problem appears in MVB Pro, you will be notified in the log window

Detachable browser [new] – View how the login process goes on YouTube by watching the integrated web browser

100% Browser Simulation using either Firefox Or Internet Explorer

If you think Browser Simulation is slow, you can try API uploading also using the YouTube API

Custom API Key – Enter your custom API Key and APP Name so you know you don’t leave traces on YouTube

User agents [new] – MVB Pro support about five different user agents for every popular browser

Simulate human behavior [new] – Before doing actions or uploading MVB Pro has the option to simulate human behavior

Subscribe to channel [new] – Right after login you can tell MVB Pro to randomly subscribe to a channel

Google position [new] – MVB Pro can now check to see if your video is ranked on Google

Delay after login – After MVB Pro will loggin to an account, it will wait for a random amount of seconds before continuing with upload

Number of videos/account – When assigning accounts to videos, this option will alow MVB Pro to only upload X Videos/account (and than move on to the next account)

Send emails – Whenever you have X disabled accounts, MVB Pro can send you an email to notify you about your current campaign status.

 Interested? What are you waiting for!

Buy Mass Video Blaster today and get the following Bonus Products!

Bonus #1: Mass Video Downloader

Download videos with ease from YouTube/Vimeo

With the help of Mass Video Downloader you will be able to download creative commons license from YouTube and Vimeo.

It supports multi threaded downloading of videos in either High Definition or Low Quality. You can find videos by entering a YouTube username or by entering a search term.

Bonus #2: MVB PRO Video Tutorials

Master Mass Video Blaster Pro in step by step tutorials

The training videos will cover every point and module from Mass Video Blaster Pro. Learn to master Mass Video Blaster Pro in a matter of minutes. Everything is structured in such a way that your work flow will be natural and fast.

Bonus #3: Access to the BlasterSuite Forum

Need help or advice?

In the Blaster Suite Private Forums you will find everything you need and more. Only registered users of our products have access to our private forums.

Mass Video Blaster Pro

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