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Training Video For Keyword Suggestion Module/Video Details Generator (VMB Standard)

Training Video For Niche Analysis and Rank Tracker (VMB PRO)


Training Video For Using the “Templates Function”

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If you prefer a document with training, download it bellow: Marketing Blaster Pro.pdf

To save it on your local disk, right click on the above link and click on Save Target As

3. A few tips to follow

1. You can generate the video details in Video Marketing Blaster Pro and use them in your YouTube video. But before doing this, I recommend tweaking everything a bit. Modify the description a bit, make sure it makes sense.

2. The keywords suggestions module is a great place to start when you research your niche. Enter a main keyword, and view the suggestions. Try to pick long tail keywords to rank your video, it will be a lot easier. And ranking more videos on first position (using longtail keywords) is sometimes better than ranking a video on the last position in the main niche.

3. Analyze your competition first. See how many views/comments they have. If in the competition list you won’t see any video with under 10K views, it will be very hard to rank on that niche. Always try to do a competition analysis on longtail keywords also, not only on the main keyword.

4. Purchasing views to get a good boost on your video is very important (especially in harder niches). You can do a quick google search with “buy youtube views” to find some providers.

Bellow I will also list a few providers that offer YouTube views:

!IMPORTANT! We are not affiliated with any of the above services. Use them if you want. Do not try to purchase to many views. If on the first page you see videos with under 1K views, you can purchase only 1.000-2.000 views