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Training Video For Keyword Suggestion Module/Video Details Generator (VMB Standard)

Training Video For Niche Analysis and Rank Tracker (VMB PRO)


Training Video For Using the “Templates Function”

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If you prefer a document with training, download it bellow: Marketing Blaster Pro.pdf

To save it on your local disk, right click on the above link and click on Save Target As

3. A few tips to follow

1. You can generate the video details in Video Marketing Blaster Pro and use them in your YouTube video. But before doing this, I recommend tweaking everything a bit. Modify the description a bit, make sure it makes sense. Delete a few generate sentrences and make sure the first 3 lines of the description make sense completely. Try to maybe include in the firstr 3 lines important information like phone number, website.

2. The keywords suggestions module is a great place to start when you research your niche. Enter a main keyword, and view the suggestions. Try to pick long tail keywords to rank your video, it will be a lot easier. And ranking more videos on first position (using longtail keywords) is sometimes better than ranking a video on the last position in the main niche.

4. Purchasing views to get a good boost on your video is very important (especially in harder niches).

Bellow you will find our recommended views source: